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Knight Pointing Right

Lodge Officers 2005- 2006 Term

Grand Chancellor's Message
Lodge Officers 2005- 2006 Term
History of the Order Knights of Pythias
Our Benevolence Organizations

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Chancellor Commander Robert Rosset PACDGC
Vice Chancellor      Paul Rosen  PDGC
Prelate              Robert Silverstein PC
M of W               Jack Smith
Secretary            Paul Dunaisky PDGC
Fin. Secretary       Barry Landes
Treasur              Howard Iaascs PC
M at A               Howard Borgos PC
I.G.                 Arthur Wichman
O.G.                 Martin Beck
G.L.Rep.             Howard Iaascs PC
Alt. G.L.Rep.        Paul Rosen PDGC

52nd Pythagoras Pythian District
Long Island Pythian Council

"If fraternal love held all men bound how beautiful this world would be."