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Grand Chancellor's Message
Grand Chancellor's Message
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My Pythian Brothers,

I accept the position as your Grand Chancellor with a great amount of pride. Thank you for the support you have given me throughout the years. I pledge to help make our order better. As with all of my predecessors I also consider membership the life blood of our order.

Increasing our membership and retaining our current members is our highest priority. Friendship is a key factor in bringing in new members. Just the simple act of showing what true friendship is, will go a long way in helping us to bring in these new members. We have to explain to them about our many altruistic endeavors and social functions that take place within the order for both the Knights and Pythian Sisters. If each one of us would do that and then “ASK” a friend, relative, business associate or neighborhood businessman where we shop to join, imagine how many members we can bring in. We must not just talk about it; we must do it. Use the Pythian Business Card it is a great tool. At the same time you can tell these potential brothers what the Knights are. Simply put, it is “A unique fraternity of men who, by their membership, are dedicated to peace and pledge to promote good will among men – it is giving of themselves to help others less fortunate”. I am sure that there are many different things that we can do to attract more members in to this great order; but I need your thoughts and ideas as to how we can go about it. Please feel free to either call me or write to me with them, it is not a one-way street; we should be there for each other and of course by doing that, we are there for the order. . It’s great to have big dreams, but hard work is the only way to make them come true. So please work with me to improve our goals. Remember when talking to these potential members, talk about the Pythian Sisters as well as the Dokies.

The Internet is now one of the finest communication and marketing tools available to us. We have started to redesign and update our Grand Lodge Website. It will become the place where Pythians and non-Pythians can go and get information of our upcoming events, and locations of lodge meetings. The Grand Lodge calendar will be expanded to include all of our events and will also be published on the website. Contact information and the location and dates of each subordinate lodge meetings will also be available on the website I have set up a new committee headed up by Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor Marty Nyear to update and improve our website. The address of our website is WWW.NYPYTHIAN.ORG. Thank you for all of your help Marty, it is greatly appreciated.

We must make better use of our subordinate lodge newsletters, the Pythian Knight and the Pythian International. Each lodge and district should appoint a brother to keep these papers abreast of what is newsworthy and about what is going on within their individual Lodges and districts. Any information you would like published in other Lodge newsletters can be sent to PACDGC Alan Reiman. His E-Mail address is He will see to it that your articles are sent to the other lodge papers. I will ask the editor of the Pythian Knight to incorporate a new section in the paper; to be entitled “letters to the editor”. Here our Brother Knights can make a suggestion, make a comment, state a complaint, or even just ask a question that they would like answered. We can all benefit with this input.

More Communication between the Subordinate Lodges and the Grand Lodge is a necessity. We have to be responsive to the needs and desires of all of our brothers, not just a select few. I have instructed each member of the council and committee chairman to attend meetings at all of the Lodges in the domain to discuss the Grand Lodge, Grand Lodge Committees and to answer any questions you may have on either the Grand Lodge or any of the committees. This is to be done on nights other then homecomings, messages or honor nights. I have also appointed Sir Marty Seaman of Albany City Lodge to be a special Executive Assistant to the Grand Chancellor for Upstate New York.
Research should be done as to why we are losing members and what we can do to keep them involved and to maintain their membership. This will be a goal of the membership retention committee.

Our order is a great and our programs and events should be publicized always with the idea of increasing membership. A public relations committee will be set up and headed by PDGC Jack Halsbond and PDGC Sid Wieder. I am requesting that at least one member of every district be on that committee. Just give Jack or Sid a call if you would like to help.

The altruistic and community programs that each lodge conducts in their local community should be advertised in your local papers. The Grand Lodge Public Relations Committee should also be notified of these events and they will assist you in obtaining local publicity and getting the name Knights of Pythias to one day become a household name.

We all agree that the order has to change with the times. Hold on to some of the old ways, and try some new ideas, we should think “out of the box”. We must add new and younger members to all of our Grand Lodge committees. Fresh ideas are needed and these younger members can provide a wealth of new ideas. We are indebted to those brothers who have been working on these committees for many years and of course hope that they will continue to work for the order as they have before. The Pythian order would not have gotten as great as it is today without the many years of dedicated hard work that these brothers have done, however, we must be willing to work with the younger brothers of the order, welcome them, exchange ideas with them and, this way we help to learn from each other. Each committee chairmen is being asked to ask at least one new younger member to join their committee. We must and I repeat must encourage the younger members to join these committees. We as the more senior members know that the younger members are the lifeblood and the future of our order. We can no longer say, this is the way we have done it for 40 years and we will continue to do it that way. That is not an acceptable answer. Remember: “Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality”. We have to be willing to try new and different ways to work together so that our order can grow and not fade away into nonexistence.

Supreme Rep Ed Birnbaum, President of AHF has once again agreed to give each new member a free one-year membership in AHF with a Silver Card. Thank you Ed.

We will be continuing with all of our Pythian charities and fundraising committees.

The very successful “Coats for Kids” program to help both kids and adults who are in need of a coat will be continued.

The Humanitarian Fund will continue to be the fundraising arm of the Pythian order and I ask that you continue to give generously and support this most worthwhile Pythian committee. The Humanitarian fund will continue to give of its time and support to the Scholarship Committee, the Pythian Camp, the Doctor Morris Smoller Social Service Fund, etc.

The Diabetes Research Foundation will also need your support. Each and every one of us has a family member, friend or loved one somewhere that is afflicted with this dreadful disease. With the help of the Diabetes Research Foundation we can someday say we helped to cure this dreadful disease. Thank you all.

I have asked Grand Vice Chancellor the Honorable Marty Fasting to serve as my committee coordinator. He will supervise and attend as many Grand Lodge Committee Meetings as possible, his presence at a meeting as my representative should be considered the same as if I was there. I would appreciate your giving him the same courtesy and information you would give me. He will report on the activities of the committees. I ask for your cooperation.

I will work together side by side with Grand Chief Barbara Kleinman and her Grand Temple Officers to try to bring more men and women into the order.


A lot of time and effort has been put into choosing my staff. These are all fine Pythians who have worked hard for the order and will continue to do so for many years to come. I am sure that none of them will let me down. I have asked my longtime friend Marty Nyear to be my Chief Deputy, Marty brings with him many years of devotion to the order.
My assistants to the chief are:

Brooklyn & Staten Island


Queens and Long Island

Northern Suburbs


Assistant at Large

I have also appointed:

Executive Secretary

Grand Advocate

Executive Assistant

Special Executive Assistant for Upstate NY

I know that these men will form an outstanding team along with the Deputies and the rest of my administration.

In closing I would like to thank you for coming here this evening and taking the time to listen to my thoughts and ideas and please remember.


Fraternally yours,
Jerry Silver
Grand Chancellor

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"If fraternal love held all men bound how beautiful this world would be."